Ataque ao islam ou Islão a nu – Para tomar consciência do terror islâmico e o atacar

Comentário de uma filha de árabe .

Posted by ombl em Fevereiro 28, 2007

 Comentário  de uma filha de árabe como resposta a um outro comentário.

” Foi muito Inteligente e bonito o seu comentário …, mas sinto muito em lhe informar que não é verdade o que foi escrito por você,Que (A verdadeira religião muçulmana orgulha-se de respeitar as outras crenças). Sou Filha de Arabe e morei no Oriente Médio por 20 anos. Não vi este orgulho e não a encontrei em lugar nenhum, a não ser um orgulho ignorante, besta, falso,e Medíocre, por achar que o islamismo, é um milagre de Allah para maomé.

E que só quem é muçulmano entra para o tal paraíso. Nunca o islamismo respeitou religião nenhuma não. Você esta muito enganada, e sinto muito também em lhe informar que nunca achei uma única mulher sendo respeitada, feliz ou mimada, do jeito que você digitou. Na verdade talvez até são pois ignoram e não tenham ideia, nenhuma do que é um verdadeiro respeito, ou mimo, muito menos o que é felicidade.E em fim o que encontrei lá, é de deixar qualquer um de cabelos em pé. Mulheres que vivem um verdadeiro terror, físico e psicológico. Primeiro na casa dos pais e depois na casa do marido que o aceitam para fugir do terror e sofrimento dos pais e familiares, mal sabem as pobres coitadas que o inferno está para começar. Agradam o máximo o monstro com quem se casam, para não serem mal tratadas e espancadas a toda hora, ou para não voltarem para a casa dos pais, Pois se isto acontecer podem até perderem a vida em nome da “Honra Perdida”. Me faça um favor a próxima vez que quer escrever algo vai se informar melhor a respeito, ou melhor vai viver entre estas pobres coitadas. Deixo aqui uma única e expressante pergunta que talvez nunca vou ter a resposta: Quando isso tudo vai terminar? “

2 Respostas to “Comentário de uma filha de árabe .”

  1. Brasil said

    Quando o dia do SEnhor se comprir! Ai sera’ o final. E ja’ esta proximo! Se desejar saber mais com detales as palavra do Deus VIvo procure uma igreja mais proxima da sua casa, mas, que seja a (Sembleia) menos procurada por dinheiro ou riqueza. Fiquem Alerta!

  2. rod gondes said

    About the arab leader of the 7th century, and his false-religion

    How can someone claim he is the one and only last prophet of God, with a known commoner or very weak standards for being set as Mankind good will example, as someone to be followed because he is the last and author of the last orders of God to be just spread in arabic etc etc (fortunely, God is not arabic He his universal). How can someone claim that the Creator through and angel tells him to kill the non-followers opposers or gentile, one after the other? Is this the true desire of a true God or a false story about Him!?
    An then occupying by force the places in Jerusalem that the jews (Judah tribe, fred by Cyrus from Babylonia) the first Monotheistic religion (of one God the Creator the Almighty; not the stones the bulls the golden calves, other material world objects used then in Arabia) and then Jesus followers themselves, were piously honoring from their common forefathers? Only if he is a false prophet, a hoax, a fake holy person therefore a common sinner and a common blood-thirsty conqueror or leader.
    And then even quite calculistic and in an imaginary way, being taken to heaven on an arabic horse exactly from that spot were the King Solomon temple to the One Creator One God, before stood!? A calculistic lunatic with visions and kids stories. A sick person, a squizophrenic, a proud sinner man also full of prejudice, because of systematic examples of racism and of criminal dis-respect he had with thousands of others.
    Muhammad never was and never will be a Prophet. Is actions do not show any Holiness: he had 10 official wives (at least), with one of them (Aisha) and by modern standards he even can be classified as being a ‘pedophile’, he expelled killed or conquered adversaries and territories that were passing by phase of weakness (Egypt, Persia, present Turkey, northern Africa, …) etc etc always killing by the sword. Besides being a lunatic esquizophrenic sick person with visions … because of his opportunistic first marriage with a wealthy woman (that had age to be his mother) associated with powerful arab merchants, he conveniently (and in a quite calculistic way done by his wife’s family) became an arab leader. No more no less.
    And the racism of arabs against jews (do not forget that Israel is descendent from the official marriage of Abraham with his jew wife, while Arabs descend from his slave) made the rest. This false religion is based on hate of two brothers from same father-trunk, and the arabs very difficultly (because of racial blindness) will see that the Salvation comes from believing in a Jew that died on the Cross for the sins of all Mankind: Jesus Christ, God made flesh, but exactly because of that Citizen of the World – no racism, simultaneous jew and gentile, renewer of the Old Testament in the attitudes examples principles laws parabolas gospels ideas justifications pedagogic behaviors and innumerous other aspects and facets clearly outline in the 4 independent stories of His deeds and the deeds and inspired thoughts (contained in New Testament Gospels and Letters and Acts of the Apostles) of his first humble leaders followers and Gospel spreaders.
    What is regretful is that because of this lunatic — an historic arab leader, falsely converted in a pretense prophet but in fact a false prophet (nothing to be followed, unless you are a blind fanatic islamofascist) that personally led his crimes by the sword — so much unrest has been caused to the world to his region and to other regions (namely Europe, in a weakness period after the Huns Vandals Suevs Goths successive invasions of the western roman empire (and only much latter by the turks invasion of the eastern roman empire).
    Such invasions do not have nothing of Holy, even if led by this fanatic un-holy common arab man, horse-back riding with a weapon of destruction by killing – a sword – in his criminal hands (doing the crimes with the known weapon: what else do you need to judge him in the court of History!?. Are you blind deaf and mute!? Or are you an animal!?).
    On the contrary, Jesus did not led any army rebellion any conquering and killing of his adversaries, and as a Peacemaker died in a Holy Cross our symbol of Love of Tolerance of Wisdom of Holy Rationality … not of blind muslim fanaticism.
    And if by some reason you still do not feel attracted by Jesus Love (read His sayings, interpret, let the Holy flow of God’s will enter into your mind, not imposed to you by blind mindless fanatics) then I tell you that the last Prophets were John Paul II (every Man or Woman of good will knows whom he was and what he represents even today), Mother Teresa of Calcutta (a Holy albanian woman, now a world symbol of catholic Christian universal woman’s love for mankind), …, Martin Lutter King, Gandhi, Dr Livingstone, … … and thousands of world citizens in every continent (known and unknown) by whose actions examples works and deeds the world moved positively forward without destroying others.
    But definitely the arab leader of the 7th century (d.C.) is not included and will never be in the list (he does not deserve to be, because exactly of his life of wrong calculated deeds and crimes committed), even if islamofascist want by force by homicides by suicides by kamikaze’s by pressure or by any other stupid means convince or force the rest of the world of their blindness.
    What is also regretful is that most of the arabs and all of the muslims do not re-direct their supposedly existing pious character toward God’s concept and idea, into the right direction: Be Christian, because Jesus Christ is synonymous of Universality of Love.
    And, nevertheless, may God and Jesus bless you all ! I do not hate you, I hate what you — the presently living — pretend to stupidly follow as a false gospel of threads of punishments of hate of illogical non-theologian sayings, serving arab needs in a certain moment in history (the reason why the man is historically labeled solely as an arab leader, no more-no less).
    Such false-truth of such false religion has created and is creating world damage (to you and to all mankind). But notice that God is Love, he is the Creator the Almighty One, the One and Only, even if for other believers (say in Asia, the Buddhists or any others) it is represented with many faces or facets of properties (as the New Testament indicates, in His house there are many rooms, that is many ways or paths to achieve to recognize him as Almighty, Creator, the One and Only God). This is the reason I am and will always be a Christian: rational universality through Him and through His Love.

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