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Que diferença entre Cristo e maumé !!!

Posted by ombl em Abril 8, 2007

Quer sejamos ou não cristãos, veja-se as diferenças que existe entre uma religião em que Deus ou o próprio filho por amor se sacrificam para libertar e salvar as pessoas e o mundo, e o maumetismo.

Uma resposta to “Que diferença entre Cristo e maumé !!!”

  1. rod gondes said

    The ability to think and to rationalize (what distinguishes Mankind – created on God’s Image – from animals) enables us to reason and therefore enables us to concretely arrive to conclusions.
    This has been characterizing innumerous contributions of known Mankind heroes from Plato, Socrates and Aristotle to Euclid and Archimedes, from Leonardo da Vinci, Copernicus and Newton to Kant, Descartes and Leibniz, and more lately from from Albert Einstein to Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawkins.
    And even innumerous unknown, but equally important because of their sheer number, which are considered imprescindable because they are the anonymous salt of the Earth and the anonymous fertilizer of Humanity Growth throughout the ages.

    With such God given Rationality, one should understand the false and deceiving character of Mohammad or Mafoma and of ‘koran’ as well. Islam is Mohammad creation not God revealed. Even ‘allah’ is not God, at least not the God of Israelis (from whom also Arabs claim to descend, as half-brothers, through the son of Abraham with the Egyptian slave Hagar of his wife Sara) and the God of Christians. The name ‘allah’ refers to the name of one of the most venerated stone idols at the Kaaba in Mecca (Saudi Arabia). So ‘allah’ is just a stone, and ‘koran’ was cleverly projected or machinated to such stone (‘allah’). Therefore Mohammad or Mafoma did not receive anything from God, because ‘allah’ is a stone. Besides it took 23 years to put it (the ‘koran’) together, by invented revelations from a stone (‘allah’) through an invented visit from Gabriel. Its contents was continuously changed and written by others (because Mohammad or Mafoma was basically illiterate, although he might know basics from his merchant character and formation), as soon as he changed his mind. The ‘koran’ was plagiated and plundered from Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians ideas and principles; nevertheless is full of wrong sayings and wrong references to Bible contents, so much distorted and adjusted to arab local interests and to the reality of this false prophet life and existence.
    Mohammad never was and never will be historically a Prophet in the true religious sense of the word: he just was an illiterate arab, albeit a war and economic leader of his time because supported by the wealth and power of some of the merchant host families of his wives; he was tremendously womanger and even a pedophile with one (Aisha) of the many wives, concubines and slaves.
    He deceived to be a prophet because he did not predict anything.
    He was a warmonger, by decreeing war on all the Humanity if not following them.
    He was a hatemonger by persecuting those who would not follow them.
    He personally led fights, territory conquering, wars and destructions (of God’s Creations, be it human creatures and/or be it their works and civilizations), therefore he was a murderer and incited to murder, he induced slavery and terrible discrimination for all the adversaries and non-followers.
    What is regretful is that some pious, God’s fear and God’s devoting character of many non-Christian arabs and middle east citizens, is not devoted to the true God the one and Only God of Jews (from whom they descend as half-brothers) and Christians, the Almighty Reason and Perfect karma of Buddhists and Hinduism, the God of gods of many civilizations not directly visited or witnessing His Human facet Jesus Christ (or three-dimensional intersection of His multi-dimensional space with our there-dimensional human physical space on Earth and the Universe), the Creator or Cause of the Universe, and the leitmotiv of Humanity existence on His Image.

    Rod Gondes

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