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Será o maumetismo uma religião ou uma anti-religião?

Posted by ombl em Setembro 23, 2007

Será religião um sistema:

  • Confuso baseado numa só pessoa e construído ao sabor dos interesses ditatoriais de poder dessa mesma pessoa.
  • Que falsificou a religião, desviou as pessoas e negou o verdadeiro DEUS.
  • Que defende e pratica a ditadura. Quer mesmo instaurar a ditadura em Portugal, Brasil e nos outros países.
  • Que defende a escravatura. Nem mais nem menos do que a pura escravatura.
  • Que defende a violação e estupro de mulheres e crianças.
  • Que reconhece ser mesmo violento.
  • Que amedronta, chantagia e aterroriza as pessoas.
  • Que CALOU DEUS, (o PAI, a MÃE, o FILHO), os santos, os anjos, o bem, etc..
  • Que na pratica persegue e nega ,O DIVINO, o bem, a tolerância, a convivência, o progresso salutar, a criatividade, o pensamento, a meditação e tudo o que represente a vida.
  • Que cria conflitos com tudo e com todos, até mesmo entre os que foram enganados e seguem esse sistema.

Será este sistema uma religião ou uma anti-religião ?

É este sistema de DEUS ou de satanás?

2 Respostas to “Será o maumetismo uma religião ou uma anti-religião?”

  1. Costa said

  2. rod gondes said

    I am, every Human with a Head is, completely for the freedom of press, because it means Human freedom in equal democratic terms for all beings, and Almighty God created all Humans free. And that obviously also includes cartoons, and their satiric character in awakening people, society, leaders, … (all of them God created) for better or corrected deeds and actions.
    Some animals, definitely not Humans, try to dominate either Humans or other animals by force, by mental blindness, controlling and not allowing the opening of mentalities or of thoughts or of different opinions. Because those animals are weak very weak beings, and are afraid of change, afraid of growth, afraid of meeting God one day when Mankind fulfils the purpose of existence as God’s will. By so doing they are behaving in a manner that continually proves to the free God created world and Humanity, that they do not deserve to live. Although also created by God, they are destroying the basic essence of also being God’s will.
    God Almighty is a Divine Reality with different facets, crystallizing in all directions.
    That is, as the Holy Bible mentions by 4 distinct independent witnesses of His Life and His Deeds (the 4 Gospels of the 4 Apostles), in His kingdom there are many rooms, many visions, many ways of achieving His Supreme Light Knowledge Kindness Holyness. Otherwise we would be copies of each other, in which case there would be no purpose of living, especially because we would not be free.
    As an European I will never accept, I will never have fear or will never suffer any type of menace, from anyone. Europe as a whole was invaded by romans (also Europeans), by vandals, suevs, goths, berbers and arabs through Gibraltar strait, turks and mongols, etc and we survived. When and if Europeans would not exist, Europe is no more. To be European one as to think as One such person, and it is not sufficient to leave in Europe. All civilizations wanted Europe, came here for knowledge, power, art, religion and civilization. And we spread it all for every corner of the Earth, sometimes with good deeds sometimes with errors, but we came through and will continue to move forward. Until the last European will be alive. Only then any other junk may prevail!
    Europeans, the European governments, European press, etc should not should never ask any forgiveness for the cartoons published by a free newspaper, in a free country, where the freedom of press also is part of society of life itself. We did not publish this is other countries, which can copy or not our cartoons. It is already bad enough for the world to have such neighbours with such laws with such short-leaved head and short-leaved wisdom.
    So the muslim fanatics are the ones that should ask forgiveness to their brothers for guiding them so badly so blindly; the mental blind muslim fanatics are the one’s who should ask forgiveness to the world for the very bad example of the supposedly love of God that they are giving to the world, specially to their brothers and neighbours Jews and Christians that they do not accept because they do not accept any difference even in their own societies: they are mentally blind which is one of the biggest sins of mankind.
    The fanatics and their leaders, the fanatics and the weak people they are trying to guide as sheep, are being the cause of their own problem. Re-focous and grow-up in Human terms, and only them try to join the community of nations that also fear God, but that want to achieve God’s Will in freedom as He created us all.
    Some and many mental blind arab fanatics, iranian fanatics, indonesian fanatics, …
    are forgetting (purposely because it is not convenient) what other of their muslim brothers – also mental blind taliban fanatics – did to world heritage Buda statues in Afghanistan (probably the stupid pathetic circus-clown iranian president will say they also did never exist: ah, ah, ah…!). The same fanatics and their leaders instigated the killing of a dutch filmmaker, that accomplish his duty of proving to the world the way that women are treated in islamic countries. Women that are part of Human Race created by God. Not a single muslim speaks about the reality of women in their countries. So blind: they are seeing grains of sand in their neighbour’s eyes, but they do not see the big rocks on their own eyes (therefore, they are once more Mentaly Blind). We are not in middle ages, you know. Do not want to learn the lessons of Human History?
    Not a single muslim spoke against it, as far as I know! Shame on all of them, on their leaders, and on all books, all directives, all imams, … that have their hands, their heads, their pages, their contents, … responsible for such crimes. You should be judged according to your laws, your deeds, your actions, … cutting your hands, cutting your heads, ripping-off the pages and burning such books of lies and adaptations. It is a Shame, a Big Human Shame for all such responsible (bad samples of) people.
    I have very special thoughts, special prayers, special human civilization-love, for all Christian arabs, christian non-arabs (iranian, indonesian, …) for having survived through the ages in the Love of God and His Son Jesus Christ, in such an hostile environment. God be with them all.
    After many readings, many thoughts, many reasoning through what The
    Almighty God blessed me, I really think that what the muslims (arabs and non-arabs)
    call a prophet, never was never will be a Prophet (not even the last one).
    He just was an arab leader in a certain time framework, both political and military, and that’s it. No more, no less. It is recorded that he had 9 wives and at least 3 concubines: definitely not a holy man, but solely a human social leader of the weak people that followed him so blindly. A Prophet is not that, is much much more than that and serves the world (but does not conquer or incite to conquer part of the world by force) and not solely is own people or race. That some arabs (unfortunely most of them) and non-iluminated people call him a prophet it is their problem, their lack of vision, their mental stubbornness! But do not impinge it to others. Free people, created on God’s Image as all Mankind, will not accept it, will never accept it.
    What really is true is that muslims and arabs (as a whole; except the Christian arabs in Egypt Syria Lebanon, Iraq even in Iran) do not accept the fact that The Salvation of the world could come from a jew, The Jew called Jesus Christ. The One and Only The Savior The Son of God Himself. In that they are also copying the jews, since the jews also do not believe in such Jew that is The Citizen of the world: Jesus Christ. And believe me, either God exists and Jesus is His Human Will, a proof of His Love to all of us, or otherwise the last prophets in the last 50 years have been: Dr. Livingston, Gandhi, John XXIII, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, John Paul II, Nelson Mandella, millions of true missionaries that lost their lives serving teaching helping many others without any intention but solely Love for the Neighbour as Jesus showed (the last of which was the priest killed in Turkey by another fanatic islamofascist; another shame, since no muslim came to the press to speak against it, so what a mockery-of-a peaceful-religion!).
    And those mentioned, and many millions of others in two thousand years, much much much better than the arab leader that the islamic-arabs call a prophet (a false prophet, because based on a set of false prepared hoaxes and ideas only full of biased arab origins).
    Those millions of missionaries and the people mentioned (and many many others) who gave their life for the goodness of all mankind, treating all equally, and never claimed for them more than they were. They did not live claiming conquering territory for their cause, killing other peoples and inciting their akin to kill other peoples (that opposed
    to them) as the arab man called mohammad did. They did not marry 9 times having still 3 concubines (even rejected some wives that spoke louder than him, like mohamad did) and many other unrealistic things. Even the fact that a common arab wealthy guy
    called mohammad, that died in a bed surrounded by family as any common arab human of his time, had to be risen to Heaven (in a fabricated way) like Jesus (that happened to be born a jew), is a proof of the fake character of your so-called holy book, a convenient adaptation of the Holy Gospels (Bible) to the arab world (six centuries afterward) according to arab costumes and uses. Because by mental blindness mental stubbornness, a true arab can not be saved by a jew, even if by God’s will that Jew his God’s Human Face, that is Jesus Christ!
    What is a pity is that the fervour zealous character of most of the arabs
    was not used at the 6th century to strengthen the Christian Faith
    that already existed in Egypt, in Palestine, in Israel, in Syria, in the Holy Lands, even
    in Iran. (It must have been work of the devil).
    A True religion would not need to conquer those territories for their
    faith, on horse back and with swords, led by their fake-prophet military social leader. In the first six centuries of Christianity there was not a single battle, a single sword raised, to expand and strengthen the True Faith in God, and in Jesus Christ (as the physical perception of God’s Love to us by the sacrifice of His own Holy Son) and the Holy Spirit (as the Holy Thought helping the propagation of Faith by Rationality). Only afterwards they occurred, instigated not solely by misunderstandings but mainly by calls to arms to expand the convenient adaptation to arab realities, that some people did not want to change). Somehow, and with the due adaptations, islam is just like the fake-anglicanism behind a womanger henry viii (a king leader): but even worst because the islamic arabs say the leader is a prophet (a Holy word in a wrong false lying context) while the blind anglicans just say that the leader is a king, albeit a sinner, which is true). So muslim religion is a fake, although the pious characteristics of many arabs and many muslims are true facts that should be used to follow Jesus (no matter if he was
    born a jew, or whatever, because He is a World Citizen predicted in the Old Testament as God’s will to Mankind).
    Anti-muslim hostility is seen nowadays as natural or normal, as it was 14 centuries ago when Europe was invaded by them as the barbaric from the south more or less syncronized with the barbaric from the north (Huns, Alans, Vandals, Suevs, Goths, …), because we shall prevail. But we are also hostile towards muslims because it is natural and normal to be hostile towards the treatment of women as a commodity, intolerance, barbaric punishments, virulent antisemitism, propagation of theocracy as a political system, shooting fleeing elementary school children in the back, beheading civilians, flying planes full of civilians into buildings full of civilians, derailing passenger trains, firebombing night clubs, shooting infants, mobs tearing people apart, ’schools’ whose curriculum consists of nothing but memorizing a fake holy book in a language the students don’t even understand phonetically, genital mutilation of little girls, imprisoning and punishing rape victims, legal sanction of blood money, illiberal closed-mindedness surpassing that of the Spanish Inquisition, et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseaum, that is until nauseas and diarrheia take me apart just of rationally thinking on such collection of shameful behaviours and theocratical attitudes.
    Yes, I’m an ‘islamophobe’, because I have rational reasons for it. But, I don’t think all muslims are evil (although I think a very small minority think this). I do think that a lot of muslims are dangerous because they are mental-blind or where mentally-blinded by imams and mullahs. I also think and I also know because I witnessed it for 20 years, that very large parts of the islamic world are illiberal, primitive, hate-filled and hate-fuelled barbarians who want to slit my throat because I am a strong believer in God, I rationally decline islam as a fake, but also I am a liberal westerner strongly defending Europe but also all the rest of the World.
    Notice that being afraid of malaria in a Brazilian jungle isn’t hypochondria. Being afraid of muggers in a shady area of town isn’t an irrational fear. About islam I am not afraid at all, I am rationally against it until my last life’s second or life breath, because myself and everyone in the four societies I have been living-with throughout the world during my life, are ashamed of having them as physical neighbours. Their almost complete islamofascist attitudes, principles, behaviours, thoughts, values, daily lives, created in us all this phobia. If the islamofascists will continue their aggravations against western Europe, then it will be our turn of answering and the first thing we will defend will be the expelling of all muslims from western Europe. Either they will go naturally in a certain period (never longer than a year) or everyone will come to the streets and expel their lives off. Just take us to such extreme and history will repeat itself!
    All of these was said for the wise leaders, the non-fanatic non-mentally blind leaders, to move their forces their power for a stopping of muslim theocracy. It is the worst combination for the survival of mankind, because all will be against all. In the end will be left with nothing, but the historic shame of all the bad years created. And not even any stupid leader (like the actual unrealistic stupid pathetic circus-clown iranian president) will help the situation by saying, but never proving, that it did not exist. In theocratic terms it is being done what the God-refusing communists did 90 years ago (almost a century ago!) starting spreading terror death persecutions preventing freedom in many countries and for many people in the world.
    But it took about 70 years of coherent faithful non-aggressive attitudes, also lots of prayers from the believers and lots of survival actions, for the survival of such countries and such people. Do the muslim fanatics want for history to repeat itself, but now with their full blame as a new blind-terror, for their mental-blindness and blind-stubbornness? Is that the purpose of actual islamic leaders? If so, you will be acting behaving and baptising yourselves as islamofascists! The choice is purely yours. To be or not to be islamofascist!
    But believe me or believe us in the west, common people God-loving but not- necessarily definitely-not following our political leaders in their foreign convenient decisions or bad attitudes, we will never accept those islamofascist attitudes, we will never accept theocracy, and we will make war internal and external against it with all our strengths and rationality as we did 14 centuries ago.

    Mankind only shall admit Theocracy when led by Saints Angels or Jesus Himself. The fanatic political or religious leaders of islamic theocracies (the reason for which they are islamofascists in political-theocratic terms), by thinking they are the center of the universe (sometimes solely at their countries, sometimes forcing it stupidly to other countries and nations in the 21st century!) show everybody with Head and Thought how really weak they are, how really sinful they are, how really unbelieving they are, how really animals they are tending to be. (Notice the comparison with the wrong-deeds of the communists, which also was a theocracy-of-the-No to God-No to Religion). And the animals, although created by God, were not created in God’s Image.
    Faith in the True God, the One and Only, and in Jesus Christ as is Human Holy Link to Salvation, is achieved through freedom (as He created us) not through terror, force, obligation, fear or what-so-ever childish human posture. It only has value, if rationally achieved in freedom, selected by Mankind in freedom as an intellectual thoughtful decision, with the individual capacity (the Talents spoken at the Bible) that God gave to each one accordingly. Therefore any other religion that proposes to achieve God by terror, mental-blindness, brutal-force, scape-got punishments, one-sided behaviour, etc etc is a complete fake and a complete failure in Human Free terms therefore in God’s terms since He created us all in His Image.
    It would be preferable to be a coherent atheist, Mankind loving (and therefore God loving, even without recognizing it) and society-respectful society-collaborative for all – what in the west is called Freemason, than a fanatic mentally-blind muslim, frozen in time by theocratic thoughts not faithful to the One and Only God but solely expressing blind-fervour for meaningless conveniently adapted writings (fully adapted to most arab reality at 6th century, and then forced to other arabs except to the one’s that endured the faith they had in Jesus the True Savior), but definitely warped from God’s Will to All-Mankind!

    End of Gondes

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