Ataque ao islam ou Islão a nu – Para tomar consciência do terror islâmico e o atacar

Para entender melhor o islão / Islam

Posted by ombl em Outubro 29, 2007

Vida de maomé : verdades inconvenientes

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  1. rod gondes said

    I am, every Human with a Head is, completely for the freedom of press, because it means Human freedom in equal democratic terms for all beings, and Almighty God created all Humans free. And that obviously also includes cartoons, and their satiric character in awakening people, society, leaders, … (all of them God created) for better or corrected deeds and actions.
    Some animals, definitely not Humans, try to dominate either Humans or other animals by force, by mental blindness, controlling and not allowing the opening of mentalities or of thoughts or of different opinions. Because those animals are weak very weak beings, and are afraid of change, afraid of growth, afraid of meeting God one day when Mankind fulfils the purpose of existence as God’s will. By so doing they are behaving in a manner that continually proves to the free God created world and Humanity, that they do not deserve to live. Although also created by God, they are destroying the basic essence of also being God’s will.
    God Almighty is a Divine Reality with different facets, crystallizing in all directions.
    That is, as the Holy Bible mentions by 4 distinct independent witnesses of His Life and His Deeds (the 4 Gospels of the 4 Apostles), in His kingdom there are many rooms, many visions, many ways of achieving His Supreme Light Knowledge Kindness Holyness. Otherwise we would be copies of each other, in which case there would be no purpose of living, especially because we would not be free.
    As an European I will never accept, I will never have fear or will never suffer any type of menace, from anyone. Europe as a whole was invaded by romans (also Europeans), by vandals, suevs, goths, berbers and arabs through Gibraltar strait, turks and mongols, etc and we survived. When and if Europeans would not exist, Europe is no more. To be European one as to think as One such person, and it is not sufficient to leave in Europe. All civilizations wanted Europe, came here for knowledge, power, art, religion and civilization. And we spread it all for every corner of the Earth, sometimes with good deeds sometimes with errors, but we came through and will continue to move forward. Until the last European will be alive. Only then any other junk may prevail!
    Europeans, the European governments, European press, etc should not should never ask any forgiveness for the cartoons published by a free newspaper, in a free country, where the freedom of press also is part of society of life itself. We did not publish this is other countries, which can copy or not our cartoons. It is already bad enough for the world to have such neighbours with such laws with such short-leaved head and short-leaved wisdom.
    So the muslim fanatics are the ones that should ask forgiveness to their brothers for guiding them so badly so blindly; the mental blind muslim fanatics are the one’s who should ask forgiveness to the world for the very bad example of the supposedly love of God that they are giving to the world, specially to their brothers and neighbours Jews and Christians that they do not accept because they do not accept any difference even in their own societies: they are mentally blind which is one of the biggest sins of mankind.
    The fanatics and their leaders, the fanatics and the weak people they are trying to guide as sheep, are being the cause of their own problem. Re-focous and grow-up in Human terms, and only them try to join the community of nations that also fear God, but that want to achieve God’s Will in freedom as He created us all.
    Some and many mental blind arab fanatics, iranian fanatics, indonesian fanatics, …
    are forgetting (purposely because it is not convenient) what other of their muslim brothers – also mental blind taliban fanatics – did to world heritage Buda statues in Afghanistan (probably the stupid pathetic circus-clown iranian president will say they also did never exist: ah, ah, ah…!). The same fanatics and their leaders instigated the killing of a dutch filmmaker, that accomplish his duty of proving to the world the way that women are treated in islamic countries. Women that are part of Human Race created by God. Not a single muslim speaks about the reality of women in their countries. So blind: they are seeing grains of sand in their neighbour’s eyes, but they do not see the big rocks on their own eyes (therefore, they are once more Mentaly Blind). We are not in middle ages, you know. Do not want to learn the lessons of Human History?
    Not a single muslim spoke against it, as far as I know! Shame on all of them, on their leaders, and on all books, all directives, all imams, … that have their hands, their heads, their pages, their contents, … responsible for such crimes. You should be judged according to your laws, your deeds, your actions, … cutting your hands, cutting your heads, ripping-off the pages and burning such books of lies and adaptations. It is a Shame, a Big Human Shame for all such responsible (bad samples of) people.
    I have very special thoughts, special prayers, special human civilization-love, for all Christian arabs, christian non-arabs (iranian, indonesian, …) for having survived through the ages in the Love of God and His Son Jesus Christ, in such an hostile environment. God be with them all.
    After many readings, many thoughts, many reasoning through what The
    Almighty God blessed me, I really think that what the muslims (arabs and non-arabs)
    call a prophet, never was never will be a Prophet (not even the last one).
    He just was an arab leader in a certain time framework, both political and military, and that’s it. No more, no less. It is recorded that he had 9 wives and at least 3 concubines: definitely not a holy man, but solely a human social leader of the weak people that followed him so blindly. A Prophet is not that, is much much more than that and serves the world (but does not conquer or incite to conquer part of the world by force) and not solely is own people or race. That some arabs (unfortunely most of them) and non-iluminated people call him a prophet it is their problem, their lack of vision, their mental stubbornness! But do not impinge it to others. Free people, created on God’s Image as all Mankind, will not accept it, will never accept it.
    What really is true is that muslims and arabs (as a whole; except the Christian arabs in Egypt Syria Lebanon, Iraq even in Iran) do not accept the fact that The Salvation of the world could come from a jew, The Jew called Jesus Christ. The One and Only The Savior The Son of God Himself. In that they are also copying the jews, since the jews also do not believe in such Jew that is The Citizen of the world: Jesus Christ. And believe me, either God exists and Jesus is His Human Will, a proof of His Love to all of us, or otherwise the last prophets in the last 50 years have been: Dr. Livingston, Gandhi, John XXIII, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, John Paul II, Nelson Mandella, millions of true missionaries that lost their lives serving teaching helping many others without any intention but solely Love for the Neighbour as Jesus showed (the last of which was the priest killed in Turkey by another fanatic islamofascist; another shame, since no muslim came to the press to speak against it, so what a mockery-of-a peaceful-religion!).
    And those mentioned, and many millions of others in two thousand years, much much much better than the arab leader that the islamic-arabs call a prophet (a false prophet, because based on a set of false prepared hoaxes and ideas only full of biased arab origins).
    Those millions of missionaries and the people mentioned (and many many others) who gave their life for the goodness of all mankind, treating all equally, and never claimed for them more than they were. They did not live claiming conquering territory for their cause, killing other peoples and inciting their akin to kill other peoples (that opposed
    to them) as the arab man called mohammad did. They did not marry 9 times having still 3 concubines (even rejected some wives that spoke louder than him, like mohamad did) and many other unrealistic things. Even the fact that a common arab wealthy guy
    called mohammad, that died in a bed surrounded by family as any common arab human of his time, had to be risen to Heaven (in a fabricated way) like Jesus (that happened to be born a jew), is a proof of the fake character of your so-called holy book, a convenient adaptation of the Holy Gospels (Bible) to the arab world (six centuries afterward) according to arab costumes and uses. Because by mental blindness mental stubbornness, a true arab can not be saved by a jew, even if by God’s will that Jew his God’s Human Face, that is Jesus Christ!
    What is a pity is that the fervour zealous character of most of the arabs
    was not used at the 6th century to strengthen the Christian Faith
    that already existed in Egypt, in Palestine, in Israel, in Syria, in the Holy Lands, even
    in Iran. (It must have been work of the devil).
    A True religion would not need to conquer those territories for their
    faith, on horse back and with swords, led by their fake-prophet military social leader. In the first six centuries of Christianity there was not a single battle, a single sword raised, to expand and strengthen the True Faith in God, and in Jesus Christ (as the physical perception of God’s Love to us by the sacrifice of His own Holy Son) and the Holy Spirit (as the Holy Thought helping the propagation of Faith by Rationality). Only afterwards they occurred, instigated not solely by misunderstandings but mainly by calls to arms to expand the convenient adaptation to arab realities, that some people did not want to change). Somehow, and with the due adaptations, islam is just like the fake-anglicanism behind a womanger henry viii (a king leader): but even worst because the islamic arabs say the leader is a prophet (a Holy word in a wrong false lying context) while the blind anglicans just say that the leader is a king, albeit a sinner, which is true). So muslim religion is a fake, although the pious characteristics of many arabs and many muslims are true facts that should be used to follow Jesus (no matter if he was
    born a jew, or whatever, because He is a World Citizen predicted in the Old Testament as God’s will to Mankind).
    Anti-muslim hostility is seen nowadays as natural or normal, as it was 14 centuries ago when Europe was invaded by them as the barbaric from the south more or less syncronized with the barbaric from the north (Huns, Alans, Vandals, Suevs, Goths, …), because we shall prevail. But we are also hostile towards muslims because it is natural and normal to be hostile towards the treatment of women as a commodity, intolerance, barbaric punishments, virulent antisemitism, propagation of theocracy as a political system, shooting fleeing elementary school children in the back, beheading civilians, flying planes full of civilians into buildings full of civilians, derailing passenger trains, firebombing night clubs, shooting infants, mobs tearing people apart, ’schools’ whose curriculum consists of nothing but memorizing a fake holy book in a language the students don’t even understand phonetically, genital mutilation of little girls, imprisoning and punishing rape victims, legal sanction of blood money, illiberal closed-mindedness surpassing that of the Spanish Inquisition, et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseaum, that is until nauseas and diarrheia take me apart just of rationally thinking on such collection of shameful behaviours and theocratical attitudes.
    Yes, I’m an ‘islamophobe’, because I have rational reasons for it. But, I don’t think all muslims are evil (although I think a very small minority think this). I do think that a lot of muslims are dangerous because they are mental-blind or where mentally-blinded by imams and mullahs. I also think and I also know because I witnessed it for 20 years, that very large parts of the islamic world are illiberal, primitive, hate-filled and hate-fuelled barbarians who want to slit my throat because I am a strong believer in God, I rationally decline islam as a fake, but also I am a liberal westerner strongly defending Europe but also all the rest of the World.
    Notice that being afraid of malaria in a Brazilian jungle isn’t hypochondria. Being afraid of muggers in a shady area of town isn’t an irrational fear. About islam I am not afraid at all, I am rationally against it until my last life’s second or life breath, because myself and everyone in the four societies I have been living-with throughout the world during my life, are ashamed of having them as physical neighbours. Their almost complete islamofascist attitudes, principles, behaviours, thoughts, values, daily lives, created in us all this phobia. If the islamofascists will continue their aggravations against western Europe, then it will be our turn of answering and the first thing we will defend will be the expelling of all muslims from western Europe. Either they will go naturally in a certain period (never longer than a year) or everyone will come to the streets and expel their lives off. Just take us to such extreme and history will repeat itself!
    All of these was said for the wise leaders, the non-fanatic non-mentally blind leaders, to move their forces their power for a stopping of muslim theocracy. It is the worst combination for the survival of mankind, because all will be against all. In the end will be left with nothing, but the historic shame of all the bad years created. And not even any stupid leader (like the actual unrealistic stupid pathetic circus-clown iranian president) will help the situation by saying, but never proving, that it did not exist. In theocratic terms it is being done what the God-refusing communists did 90 years ago (almost a century ago!) starting spreading terror death persecutions preventing freedom in many countries and for many people in the world.
    But it took about 70 years of coherent faithful non-aggressive attitudes, also lots of prayers from the believers and lots of survival actions, for the survival of such countries and such people. Do the muslim fanatics want for history to repeat itself, but now with their full blame as a new blind-terror, for their mental-blindness and blind-stubbornness? Is that the purpose of actual islamic leaders? If so, you will be acting behaving and baptising yourselves as islamofascists! The choice is purely yours. To be or not to be islamofascist!
    But believe me or believe us in the west, common people God-loving but not- necessarily definitely-not following our political leaders in their foreign convenient decisions or bad attitudes, we will never accept those islamofascist attitudes, we will never accept theocracy, and we will make war internal and external against it with all our strengths and rationality as we did 14 centuries ago.

    Mankind only shall admit Theocracy when led by Saints Angels or Jesus Himself. The fanatic political or religious leaders of islamic theocracies (the reason for which they are islamofascists in political-theocratic terms), by thinking they are the center of the universe (sometimes solely at their countries, sometimes forcing it stupidly to other countries and nations in the 21st century!) show everybody with Head and Thought how really weak they are, how really sinful they are, how really unbelieving they are, how really animals they are tending to be. (Notice the comparison with the wrong-deeds of the communists, which also was a theocracy-of-the-No to God-No to Religion). And the animals, although created by God, were not created in God’s Image.
    Faith in the True God, the One and Only, and in Jesus Christ as is Human Holy Link to Salvation, is achieved through freedom (as He created us) not through terror, force, obligation, fear or what-so-ever childish human posture. It only has value, if rationally achieved in freedom, selected by Mankind in freedom as an intellectual thoughtful decision, with the individual capacity (the Talents spoken at the Bible) that God gave to each one accordingly. Therefore any other religion that proposes to achieve God by terror, mental-blindness, brutal-force, scape-got punishments, one-sided behaviour, etc etc is a complete fake and a complete failure in Human Free terms therefore in God’s terms since He created us all in His Image.
    It would be preferable to be a coherent atheist, Mankind loving (and therefore God loving, even without recognizing it) and society-respectful society-collaborative for all – what in the west is called Freemason, than a fanatic mentally-blind muslim, frozen in time by theocratic thoughts not faithful to the One and Only God but solely expressing blind-fervour for meaningless conveniently adapted writings (fully adapted to most arab reality at 6th century, and then forced to other arabs except to the one’s that endured the faith they had in Jesus the True Savior), but definitely warped from God’s Will to All-Mankind!

    End of Gondes

  2. rod gondes said

    Expedição contra os judeus Beni Qoraizha, insultados por Maomé: “Vós, macacos e porcos…”;
    626: Massacre de 700 judeus em Beni Qoraïzha, amarrados durante três dias e depois enforcados, crianças incluídas;
    626: Assassínio do poeta judeu Kab, chefe do clã Beni Nadhir, e da sua mulher, que tinham ridicularizado Maomé;
    626: Expedição contra os judeus de Kaihbar;
    626: Assassínio do judeu Sallam Abou Rafi, por ordem de Maomé;
    626: Tentativa de assassínio de Abou Sofyan, por ordem de Maomé;
    626: Maomé manda cortar as palmeiras do oásis dos judeus Beni Nadhir;
    626: Maomé faz cativa uma mulher judia muito bela de entre o clã Beni Qoraizha, como parte do espólio de guerra;
    627: Massacre do clã judeu Qurayza em Medina;
    627: Inicio do ataque sistemático a outras tribos árabes;
    627: Agressão à tribo Bani Moustalik;
    628: Maomé aos judeus Beni Qainoqa: “Se não vos converteis ao Islão, declaro-vos a guerra”;
    628: Rapto de mulheres e crianças da tribo Moshjarik;
    628: Ataque aos judeus de Khaïbar, tortura e prisioneiros;
    628: Tomada do oásis judeu de Fadak, tornando-o um bem pessoal de Maomé;
    628: Submissão dos judeus de Wadil Qora;
    629: Destruição dos ídolos de d’Allat, Manat e Al Uzza, na Arábia;
    630: Tomada de Meca; 30 execuções sumárias;
    630: Primeira incursão militar contra a Pérsia em Tabuk;
    630: Batalha de Honaïn, contra os beduínos;
    630: Submissão dos judeus e cristãos de Makna, Eilat, Jarba;
    630: Decapitação, em Meca, do apóstata Abdallah ibn Abou Sahr;
    630: Decapitação, em Meca, do poeta satírico Abdallah ibn Khatal;
    630: Decapitação em Meca de Howairith ibn Noqaïd;
    630: Condenação à morte, em Meca, de Ikrima, em fuga;
    630: Condenação à morte, em Meca, de Cafwan ibn Ommayya, em fuga;
    630: Condenação à morte, em Meca, de Hind, mulher de Abou Sofyan, em fuga;
    630: Execução em Meca de Sara, uma escrava judia cativa;
    630: Execução em Meca de Qariba, uma cantora e artista;
    630: Execução em Meca de Fartana, uma cantora que ridicularizou Maomé;
    630: Destruição de um ídolo de Hubal situado no Kaaba;
    630: Maomé ao seu inimigo Cafwan: “tens que escolher entre o Islão ou ficares sem a cabeça”;
    630: Massacre da tribo Beni Djadsimaa;
    630: Arranque das vinhas na Arábia;
    630: Batalha de Houynan contra as tribos hawazitas;
    630: Morte de Dubayya, sacerdote de Al Uzza;
    631: Ataque à cidade bizantina de Tabouk, submissão dos cristãos e tributo.

    Acresce que ‘allah’ nao é o nome de Deus mas o de um dos idolos de pedra que estava na Akbah. Portanto ele — o falso profeta maome ou mafoma — deu a Deus o nome de um dos idolos de pedra locais. Mas que grande falso profeta!!!
    O livro designado de ‘corao’ nao veio de Deus mas sao copias adaptadas (mas ate com afirmacoes erradas calculisticamente distorcidas) de ideias da Biblia, da Torah, e ate de filosofos pensadores persas e dos principios anteriores de Zoroastro.
    Vangloria-se de os ter recebido de Deus (so se fosse do idolo de pedra … allah) ao longo de 23 anos! Imagina-se Deus tal lento!!! E foram mudados a seu bel prazer, sempre que nao concordava com qualquer coisa. Digamos que foi uma congeminacao de familias influentes locais, que queriam afirmar a ‘arabidade’ por cegueira mental relativamente aos Judeus e Cristaos.

    E todo o mal local regional e mundial que tem propagado, à forma da espada, das armas, dos suicidios em massa, tudo atitudes de desespero de Cegos Mentais. Um dos maiores pecados da Humanidade.

    É lamentavel, porque se adaptassem algum seu espirito pio e de devoção nao ao diabo que os faz seguir a Cegueira mas ao verdadeiro Deus, teriamos todos um mundo melhor.
    Deviam todos ler a Biblia, desligar-se da opressao do fanatismo e fascismo islamico, e deixar o Espirito Santo encher-lhes o coracao e a Razao para a mudanca segura e amorosa no Amor e Devoçao ao Cidadao Universal que é Jesus Cristo.

    end of Gondes

  3. rod gondes said

    Maomé (21/9/570-8/6/632) – lider árabe e criador (com os ricos familiares da primeira e da terceira esposas) da falsa religião árabe islâmica para o seu povo e imposta a qualquer outro povo dominado que não a segui-se.

    A partir do século VII (d.C.) inúmeros árabes e inúmeros outros povos do Médio Oriente deixaram maioritariamente de aceitar e seguir a Salvação através do Divino Jesus Cristo – por mera coincidência com origem genética judaica, para além de Divina – nomeadamente porque este árabe de tendências esquizofrénicas e lunáticas conquistou à força da espada territórios vizinhos em decadência histórica que anexou à área de influência da religião convenientemente recém-criada e imposta a todos à força e não por Amor. Teve nesse período várias mulheres e concubinas; cerca de 10: 1-Khadija, 2-Sawda, 3-Ayesha (pelos padrões universais civilizacionais longínquos e actuais, a consumação do casamento – orgânico ou físico – com esta terceira esposa tratou-se de verdadeira pedofilia), 4-Omm Salama, 5-Hafsa, 6-Zainab (de Jahsh), 7- Juwariya, 8-Omm Habiba, 9-Safia, 10-Maymuna (de Hareth), 11-Fatima, … .
    Conforme narrado por Qatada: Anas bin Malik said “The prophet used to visit all his wives in a round, during the day and night and they were eleven in number”. I asked Anas “Had the prophet the strength for it?”. Anas replied “We used to say that the prophet was given the strength of thirty (men)”. And Sa’id said on the authority of Qatada that Anas had told him about nine wives only (not eleven) – (Hadith, Volume 1, Book 5, Number 268).
    Tudo isto poderão ser comportamentos de alguns tipos de líderes políticos étnicos ou tribais, mas não serão nunca desempenhos de um verdadeiro Profeta – mas de um falso profeta – que só o será para aqueles (islamofascistas) que pretendem continuar as suas cegueiras mentais sem qualquer sombra de Racionalidade ou de Perfeição Divina (ainda que falsamente reclamada e hipocritamente imposta).
    Só para se ter uma ideia das façanhas criminosas deste (quando muito líder) árabe (e seus colaboradores com igual responsabilidade) mas definitivamente um falso profeta de Deus (Dios, Dieux, Dio, God, Allah, etc etc etc), atente-se na seguinte (ainda pequena …) lista histórica de acções ‘pecaminosas’ por si lideradas e das quais foi o responsável supremo:
    624: Razia a Meca, pilhagem e prisioneiros feitos;
    624: Decapitação do poeta Kab been Al Ashraf, em Medina, opositor de Maomé;
    624: Batalha de Badr, Maomé na cidade de Oqba: “prometi a Deus que se te apanho fora de Meca, corto-te a cabeça”;
    624:Batalha de Badr: Abou Bakr a Maomé – “os infiéis serão exterminados do mundo”;
    624: Batalha de Badr, derrota dos infiéis: “os muçulmanos matarão a golpe de sabre e farão prisioneiros”;624: Batalha de Badr: Maomé aos seus homens: “se algum de vós encontrar o Djahl, cortem-lhe a cabeça e tragam-na até mim”;
    624: Revelação de Maomé: “não foi concedido o direito a um profeta de fazer prisioneiros sem que lhe tenha sido dado o direito de fazer grandes massacres por todo o mundo”;
    624: Decapitação do poeta Kab ben Asraf, crítico de Maomé;
    624: Decapitação de dois poetas críticos anónimos, depois da batalha de Badr;
    624: Depois da batalha de Badr: “ o vosso lugar, assim como o dos vossos filhos, é o inferno, e se não vos converteis, matá-los-ei”;
    624: Depois da vitória em Badr, inicia-se a eliminação dos judeus;
    625: Expulsão do clã judeu de Al Nadir. Submissão duma tribo judia (Banul-Nadir);
    625: Destruição do ídolo Oubal;
    626: Massacre dos judeus Beni Khazradj, partilha dos seus bens e as famílias judias reduzidas à escravatura;

    (continues in the content published December 1st, 2007)
    End of Gondes

  4. Obrigado pela informação.

  5. rod gondes said

    The assassination of Benazir Buttho constitutes an aggresion against all the rational people and therefore against Humanity created by mankind.
    Her death only serves the islamofascists, that because of their blindness do not want the world to change and evolve towards a vision of the True God.
    So it is not surprising that the animality of al-qaeda claimed the responsibility of her death, a cruel coward act as almost all the acts of the islamofascists.

    Her death is also a blow to all islamic women and the women of the world as well, because her standing her courage her productive life towards the well being of her nation, his a big example that should be followed.
    She would contribute to freeing islamic women from the slavery of their male societies.

    So I hope that islamic women now gather around her memory her example, and raise up against their male leaders and islamofascism.

  6. rod gondes said

    About the arab leader of the 7th century, and his false-religion
    How can someone claim he is the one and only last prophet of God, with a known commoner sinful past or very weak standards for being set as Mankind good will example, as someone to be followed because he is the last and author of false last orders of God to be just spread in arabic etc etc (fortunely, God is not arabic He his universal). How can someone claim that the Creator through and angel tells him to kill the non-followers opposers or gentile, one after the other? Is this the true desire of a true God or a false story about Him!?
    An then occupying by force the places in Arabia and Jerusalem that the jews (Judah tribe, freed by Cyrus from Babylonia) the first Monotheistic religion (of one God the Creator the Almighty; not the stones the bulls the golden calves, other material world objects used then in Arabia) and also first Christian Jesus followers themselves, were piously honoring from their common forefathers? Only if he is a false prophet, a hoax, a fake holy person, therefore a common sinner and a common blood-thirsty conqueror or leader.
    And then even quite calculistic and in an imaginary way (since the bones of this false prophet were buried, being taken to heaven on an arabic horse exactly from that spot were the King Solomon temple to the One Creator One God, before stood!? A calculistic lunatic with visions and kids stories. A sick person, a squizophrenic, a psychopath, a proud sinner man also full of prejudice, because of systematic examples of racism and of criminal disrespect he had with thousands of others.
    Muhammad never was and never will be a Prophet. Is actions do not show any Holiness: he had 10 official wives (at least), with one of them (Aisha) and by any ancient or modern standards he even can be classified as being a ‘pedophile’, he expelled killed or conquered adversaries and territories from Jews and arab Christians, territories of other political leaders that were passing by phase of weakness (Egypt, Persia, Syria, northern Africa, …) etc etc always killing by the sword. Besides being a lunatic esquizophrenic sick person with visions … because of his opportunistic first marriage with a wealthy woman (that had age to be his mother) associated with powerful arab merchants, he conveniently (and in a quite calculistic way done by his wives families) became an arab leader. No more no less.
    And the racism of arabs against jews (do not forget that Israel is descendent from the official marriage of Abraham with his jewish wife, while Arabs descend from his slave) made the rest. This false religion is based on hate of two brothers from same father-trunk, and the arabs very difficultly (because of racial blindness) will see that the Salvation comes from believing in a Jew that died on the Cross for the sins of all Mankind: Jesus Christ, God made flesh, but exactly because of that Citizen of the World – no racism, simultaneous jew and gentile, renewer of the Old Testament in the attitudes examples principles laws parabolas gospels ideas justifications pedagogic behaviors and innumerous other aspects and facets clearly outline in the 4 independent stories of His deeds and the deeds and inspired thoughts (contained in New Testament Gospels and Letters and Acts of the Apostles) of his first humble leaders followers and Gospel spreaders. The arab Christians still remaining is a miracle of the True God because the opportunistic sinner arab leader of the 7th century and his sinful followers exterminated enslaved killed and destroyed (by devilish actions) almost all of the arab natural Christian adhesion then existing in the Middle East.
    What is regretful is that because of this lunatic and — an historic arab leader, falsely converted in a pretense prophet but in fact a false prophet (nothing to be followed, unless you are a mentally blind fanatic islamofascist) that personally led his crimes by the sword — so much unrest has been caused to the world to his region and to other regions (namely Europe, in a weakness period after the Huns Vandals Suevs Goths successive invasions of the western roman empire ; and only much latter by the turks invasion of the eastern roman empire).
    Such invasions do not have nothing of Holy, even if led by this fanatic un-holy common arab man, horse-back riding with a weapon of destruction by killing – a sword – in his criminal hands (doing the crimes with the known weapon: what else do you need to judge him in the court of History!?. Are you blind deaf and mute!? Or are you an animal!?).
    On the contrary, Jesus did not led any army rebellion any conquering and killing of his adversaries, and as a Peacemaker died in a Holy Cross our symbol of Love of Tolerance of Wisdom of Holy Rationality … not of blind muslim fanaticism.
    And if by some reason you still do not feel attracted and attached to Jesus Love (read His sayings, interpret them with a free spirit consulting his followers if necessary, let the Holy flow of God’s will enter into your mind, not imposed to you by blind mindless fanatics and not afraid a changing into the religion of True Love of God for Mankind) … then I tell you that at least the last Prophets were John Paul II (every Man or Woman of good will knows whom he was and what he represents even today), Mother Teresa of Calcutta (a Holy albanian woman, now a world symbol of catholic Christian universal woman’s love for mankind), …, Martin Lutter King, Gandhi, Dr Livingstone, … … and thousands of world citizens in every continent (known and unknown) by whose actions examples works and deeds the world moved positively forward without destroying others.
    But definitely the arab leader of the 7th century (d.C.) is not included and will never be in the list (he does not deserve to be, because exactly of his life of wrong calculated deeds and crimes committed), even if islamofascist want by force by homicides by suicides by kamikaze’s by pressure or by any other stupid means convince or force the rest of the world of their blindness.
    What is also regretful is that most of the arabs and all of the muslims do not re-direct their supposedly existing pious character toward God’s concept and idea, into the right direction: Be Christian (as most of your ancestors of the 3rd to 7th to 10th century, before being forced to change or die), because Jesus Christ is synonymous of Universality of Love.
    And, nevertheless, may God and Jesus bless you all ! I do not hate you, I hate what you — the presently living — pretend to stupidly follow as a false gospel of threads of punishments of hate of illogical non-theologian sayings, serving arab needs in a certain moment in history (the reason why the man is historically labeled solely as an arab leader, no more-no less). But you deserve much much much more!
    Such false-truth of such false religion has created and is creating world damage (to you and to all mankind). But notice that God is Love, he is the Creator the Almighty One, the One and Only, even if for other believers (say in Asia, the Buddhists or any others) it is represented with many faces or facets of properties (as the New Testament indicates, in His house there are many rooms, that is many ways or paths to achieve to recognize him as Almighty, Creator, the One and Only God). This is the reason I am and will always be a Christian: rational universality through Him and through His Love.

  7. rod gondes said

    The ability to think and to rationalize (what distinguishes Mankind – created on God’s Image – from animals) enables us to reason and therefore enables us to concretely arrive to conclusions.

    This has been characterizing innumerous contributions of known Mankind heroes from Plato, Socrates and Aristotle to Euclid and Archimedes, from Leonardo da Vinci, Copernicus and Newton to Kant, Descartes and Leibniz, and more lately from Albert Einstein to Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawkins.

    And even innumerous unknown throughout the entire World, but equally important because of their sheer number, which are considered imprescindable because they are the anonymous salt of the Earth and the anonymous fertilizer of Humanity Growth throughout the ages.

    With such God given Rationality, one should understand the false and deceiving character of mohammad or mafoma and of ‘koran’ as well. Islam is mohammad creation not God revealed. Even ‘allah’ is not God, at least not the God of Israelis (from whom also Arabs claim to descend, as half-brothers, through the son of Abraham with the Egyptian slave Hagar of his wife Sara) and the God of Christians.
    The name ‘allah’ refers to the name of one of the then most venerated stone idols at the Kaaba in Mecca (Saudi Arabia). So ‘allah’ is just a stone, and ‘koran’ was cleverly projected or machinated to such stone (‘allah’).

    Therefore mohammad or mafoma did not receive anything from God, because ‘allah’ is a stone. Besides it took 23 years to put it (the ‘koran’) together, by invented revelations from a stone (‘allah’) through an invented visit from Gabriel. Its contents was continuously changed and written by others (because mohammad or mafoma was basically illiterate, although he might know basics from his merchant character and formation), as soon as he changed his mind.

    True God Divine Thoughts, even through an Angel, would not be so imprecise, so slow, so wrong and so bare of new contents in relation to previous God inspired Revelations to the Jews Prophets of the Old Testament and to the God inspired (through the Holy Spirit or Holy Perfect and Holy Rational Divine Thought) Holy Contents in the four Gospels and the Apocalypse of Saint John that constitute most of the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

    Besides, the New Testament was registered as a Catholic or Universal Mankind Message for the entire Mankind (Jews and Gentiles alike, because all were create in God’s Image) of every age or generation (since 2000 years ago!) and therefore was written in the communicative language between the nations then involved in the known world (Greek, Aramaic and even other versions).

    God is not solely arabic! Through the Holy Spirit or Holy Thought of His presence among us, He His Multinational Multicultural and a Polyglot with respect to the language with which his Message is to be read, spoken and spread. He definitely is not solely arabic, although the arabs should read his Holy message through Jesus Christ in the arabic language.
    It is not the english, the mandarin, the spanish or the portuguese version of the Holy Gospels that they should read. They can and they should read it in their own language for better absorption of meanings and adherence to values and inherent principles.

    God’s Messages in the Old and specially in the New Testament were further strengthened and explained in latter years after the spread of the Gospel in the Acts of the Apostles (that contains the letters written by some of them to the christianized communities everywhere, always strengthening the Faith and never instigating crimes wars conquers etc but True Love of One’s neighbour through Jesus Christ example and Holy Sacrifice).

    The ‘koran’ was plagiated and plundered from Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians ideas and principles; nevertheless is full of wrong sayings and wrong references to Bible contents – therefore a falsification forgery and partial adaptation – so much distorted and adjusted to arab local interests and to the reality of the false prophet life and his real sinful existence.

    Mohammad never was and never will be historically a Prophet in the true religious sense of the word: he just was an illiterate arab, albeit a war and economic leader of his time because supported by the wealth and power of some of the merchant host families of his sometimes convenient wives (seeking political and economic alliances); he was tremendously womanger and even a paedophile with one (Aisha) of the many wives, concubines and slaves.
    He deceived to be a prophet because he did not predict anything.
    He was a warmonger, by decreeing war on all the Humanity if not following them.
    He was a hatemonger by persecuting those who would not follow them.
    He personally led fights, territory conquering, wars and destructions (of God’s Creations, be it human creatures and/or be it their works and civilizations), therefore he was a murderer and incited to murder, he induced slavery and terrible discrimination for all the adversaries and non-followers.

    Under Law and Justice, mohammad or mafoma will always be a criminal, a murderer and a leader that incited several crimes to Mankind created in God’s Image. If he was alive he had to be judged by these known crimes against Humanity (and many others not here listed), and be on jail several years for them, and by having led his arab followers in a wrong, pharisaic, confused, out-of-focus, lying and misleading way. For the sufferings this psychopath impinged on his akin, on others at his time and throughout the world thereafter.
    Definitely not a man of God, may be only an instrument of the devil in disturbing then and now the Mankind peaceful co-existence otherwise.
    Besides all these crimes and sinful attitudes he, and the one’s who wrote and adapted the ‘koran’ for him, still exerted the final arrogance of claiming for mohammad or mafoma to be the last prophet! That is absolutely ridiculous, to say the least, and childish; truly the vision and the instigation of a psychopath and squizophrenic character and of mentally-blind or illiterate people.

    What is regretful is that some pious, God’s fear and God’s devoting character of many non-Christian arabs and middle east citizens, is not devoted to Jesus Christ. Under Law and Justice there is nothing to judge Jesus Christ for: He was a Lover of All Mankind, believers and gentiles, jews and non-jews, God-abiding people and people labelled by public as sinners ! Jesus Christ was is and will always be The Holy Being, a Holy Soul!.

    Jesus Christ is the true God, the one and Only God of Jews (from whom Arabs also supposedly descend, from Abraham, as half-brothers) and Christians, the Almighty Reason and Perfect karma of Buddhists and Hinduism, the God of gods of many civilizations not directly visited or witnessing His Human facet (Jesus Christ Himself).
    In modern scientific terms, Jesus Christ can be thought as the three-dimensional intersection of God’s multi-dimensional space with our three-dimensional human physical space on Earth and the Universe; so Jesus Christ is also the Creator or Cause of the Universe, and the leitmotiv of Humanity existence on His Image.

    Rod Gondes

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